The Erosion of Traditional Bonds & Attachment to Land

Acknowledging the Issues So We Can Build Better

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Community gardens — a modern place to connect with land and community?

In earlier societies, humans tended to live in close-knit tribes or communities. These tribal bonds provided a strong sense of belonging and security.

However, as our societies have modernised and become more individualistic, the concept of a “tribe” evolved.

In Western Societies, many of us have moved away from even extended family notions of “tribe”, with a primary focus tending to be that related to the nuclear family.

Today, our tribes might also extend to virtual communities, interest groups, or social networks, but our sense of belonging within them is different — far removed even — from the deeper connections that would have been experienced by our ancestors.

Our relationship with the land’s we are born into has similarly transformed dramatically.

Where in traditional or indigenous cultures, people had a deep attachment to their ancestral lands, which often held spiritual and cultural significance, in our globalised world, many of us are detached from the land of our ancestors, living in urban environments far removed from the natural world.

This detachment from the land can contribute to a sense of rootlessness and disconnection.

Few people experience the kind of deep, ancestral bonds that were once commonplace, and consequently, it becomes much more challenging to recognise and heal attachment traumas related to these aspects of our identity too.

This is something I personally struggle with — and I worry for the future of my own children on this front as well.

Ancestral bonds, in essence, are the connections we share with those who came before us. It’s the tapestry of stories, traditions, and shared experiences that shape our understanding of who we are and where we come from.

The globalised world, with its emphasis on individuality and present-future orientations, often sidelines the importance of looking back.

Such shifts, compounded by physical and emotional distances from our places of origin, lead to a weakening of these once-stronger (for many people at least)…



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